LeToya Luckett in her new YouTube series  “Leave It to LeToya” posed an interesting question,  ‘Have you ever wanted to ask your ex questions you wanted to ask during the relationship?’ So to kick off her new series, former Destiny Child, R&B singer, LeToya Luckett did just that, by ‘Having A Conversation With My Ex’.  […]

Seems like she’s ready, Azriel Clary, after five years of being in a not so typical relationship with R&B singer R. Kelly, went live to say she is finally ready to tell it all. Azriel Clary was the feistiest of Kelly’s last two leading ladies that were riding hard for him after he was arrested […]

  Michelle Obama Loves The Kids!! Michelle Obama showing up for the virtual party, was one of the highlights of the Teddy Riley Vs. Babyface showdown live on IG Monday night.  Our First Lady partied by night but by day ‘The’ FLOTUS’ lit up the faces of our future leaders that are stuck at home because of the […]

The larger than life NFL star and newest member of the Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham Jr., is taking the reality of his life not to Reality TV but to his own Reality Youtube channel. Although most fans get caught up with mystic and how it appears that OBJ is always living his best life, but he […]

Ani’yah Cotton is an 8-year-old aspiring actress and she already has her own show and tons of fans. “When I grow up, I want to be the biggest talk show host in history,” she told ABC13. At only 6-years-old she started the “Ani’yah Cotton Show.” Now, she has nearly 10,000 YouTube views and 1,300 Instagram followers. […]

Just when it seems like Logan Paul, one of the most infamous YouTubers around, has done everything under the sun to offend people on the internet, he does it again. It’s only been a year since Paul’s horrific “suicide forest” video, and he clearly learned few if any lessons on sensitivity afterward. Like many of us, he’s going […]

Alex Jones — he of the rants and profuse sweating and unhinged hysteria — has been a controversial figure for years. Of late, Google and Facebook have come under increasing pressure to explain how his behavior, which includes racists monologues and his now-infamous claims that mass shootings are faked, isn’t a violation of their terms of service. Now […]

Kanye West is showing support for black conservative YouTube personality Candace Owens. “I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” read ‘Ye’s tweet from Saturday morning. Owens has been compared to Tomi Lahren for sharing controversial views on racism. This includes claiming “white guilt” should stop, calling Black Lives Matter protestors “whiny toddlers,” and saying the “color of a person’s skin should not determine what […]

(RNN) –  A shooter opened fire at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, CA, Tuesday afternoon, wounding at least three people before taking her own life. Police Chief Ed Barberini said the woman believed to be the shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The shooter is believed to have known at least one of the victims, […]

Tuesday afternoon, tweets from YouTube employees, as well as people in the immediate vicinity of the company’s headquarters in San Bruno, California seemed to indicate that an active shooter situation was happening at their facilities. Local news outlet KRON 4 and The Hollywood Reporter subsequently confirmed with a city manager and the San Bruno Police Department respectively that an active shooter […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The internet has seen the “Tide Pod challenge” and the “cinnamon challenge,” but the most recent online challenge is dangerous, and perhaps, the most disturbing of them all. Videos posted on social media show people unwrapping a condom from the packaging, snorting it up one nostril, and then attempting to pull […]

You would think, after the scandal over his video featuring a suicide victim, Logan Paul would simply have stayed a bit under the radar. He’s spent several weeks trying to deal with the fallout of the scandal, including several projects getting canceled and an apology tour. But apparently not, as a recent video of his — featuring the YouTube […]