The 10 part ESPN docu-series The Last Dance has been trending now for 4 weeks and because social media wasn’t prevalent at the time when the Chicago Bull’s ruled the NBA, we weren’t privy to went really went on in real time with NBA legend Michael Jordan.  Every week we are learning something new as […]

In the words of Motown choreographer great Chilly Atkins, CHALLONGE’!! The very people that we pay a good penny to see, that pack out theaters and arenas to entertain us in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, have reached out to us on their social media to show us that we are all in this […]

The passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant shook the souls of our nation but none were shook more than his family and his extended NBA family that he literally grew up with for 20 years. Being in the NBA for 20 years is an amazing feat in itself however to spend your entire historic basketball […]