side chick

It seems like the more we move into the future, the more complicated relationships get.  Back in your grandparent or for some great-grandparents day, people courted then got married and they lived by their vows, ’till death do us part’, literally.  The only person that stepped out was maybe grandad, but he was coming to […]

Wow… This is a chaotic scene that we are getting used to now. READ MORE: Article Courtesy of Bossip Video Courtesy of Facebook, YouTube, and Bossip

Welp, this is definitely not going to end well. Much of Beyonce‘s narrative in her visual album ‘Lemonade’ mentioned a mysterious side chick, referenced vaguely as the “Becky with the good hair.” Many of the Jay-Z cheating rumors that were raised in the beginning of the film were silenced when he emerged in a make-up scene. That was until […]

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Kirk Frost allegedly said Tameka Raymond was caught fightingUsher‘s side chick in a club. But Tameka talks to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to set the record straight.Watch the exclusive video below to hear her address the rumor, and find out if she’s still cool with Kirk after what he said. […]

“The D.L. Hughley Show” always gives love to the side pieces, but this one took it too far. Listen to the audio player to hear…

Well, we should’ve seen this coming. Steve Wilson is kicking NBA player and new father, Dwayne Wade out of the community. Listen to the audio…

Are you a side chick? Today is Valentine’s Day and we have to ask, what woman would sacrifice her self respect for a man who’s already committed? If you’re having second thoughts on where your relationship is, take a look at the top 10 signs you are the side chick from our sister site