After Al Roker‘s strong stand against Megyn Kelly‘s blackface foolery last year we’re surprised to learn that the Today Show weatherman has come to the defense of the meteorologist who was fired this week for using a racial slur onair. Viewers of a Rochester television station were shocked this week when a meteorologist lobbed a racial slur about Martin Luther King Jr. during a weather […]

AUSTIN — An openly gay pastor is suing Whole Foods Market after a cake he ordered from the flagship store in Austin allegedly contained a gay slur. The three-letter word written on the cake upset the pastor. “For me, it was humiliating,” said Jordan Brown. “The feeling that I had, just resurfaced a bunch of painful […]

After the entire Bill Cosby fiasco that’s shattered our ’80s childhood memories forever, famed wrestler Hulk Hogan is now the next star to get his legacy tarnished. Hulk Hogan is in the middle of a $100 million lawsuit with Gawker since the site released his sextape. Overnight, WWE removed any mention of his from its official sites, including […]

The NFL Competition Committee has been engaged in talks since last Friday, discussing a variety of issues important to the league. One such matter is the proposed 15-yard penalty on players using the “N-word” on the field. Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman (pictured) is against the ban of the word, calling the potential rule “almost racist” […]

  CLEVELAND – NFL players may have to start watching their mouths, if the NFL rules committee votes to punish teams and players who use the N-word. The new rule is expected to be enacted at next month’s owners meeting. If passed, every time a player is caught saying the N-word their team would be […]

Black people will put up with a lot of things but being called the “n-word” is not one of them. Kanye West allegedly attacked an 18-year-old man inside the waiting room of a chiropractor’s office after the man allegedly called Kim Kardashian a “n*gger lover.” According to TMZ, while Kimye were being swarmed by photogs, […]

  Everyone from President Barack Obama to the Oneida Indian Nation have weighed in on the hot topic.   Washington (CNN) — President Barack Obama has weighed in. The pro football commissioner, has too. And now, a Native American tribe hopes recent attention to controversy surrounding the name of Washington’s National Football League team will […]

(CNN) — An Idaho man accused of uttering a racial slur and slapping a crying 19-month-old boy on a Delta Air Lines flight is now out of a job. Joe Rickey Hundley of Hayden, Idaho, was charged with assaulting a minor in the February 8 incident. His company, which initially suspended him, said Sunday that […]