UPDATE: One of the personalities on WENZ Z107.9-FM in Cleveland – DJ KNyce – has created a petition to convince McDonald’s to continue serving the Orange Hi-C drink.  Click here!! ________________________________________________________________________________ Say goodbye to Hi-C Orange at McDonald’s. The fast-food chain will begin phasing out the beverage on May 1, according to a memo posted […]

A series of shaded maps put together by a researcher at North Carolina State University shows the lingual divide among Americans in a series of words and phrases. From the preference of “pop” or “soda” to the pronunciation of “syrup” and dozens of others in between, regional accents and dialects are shown in the maps. […]

Paul Inman of Britain drank himself to death. It sounds like a story about a person who probably indulged in too much alcohol but it’s…

ATLANTA – A Georgia man claims he stumbled upon one of the most coveted secrets: the original formula for Coca-Cola. Cliff Kluge is trying to sell that secret recipe on eBay for $5 million.   Kluge claims he found the recipe at an estate auction, but Coca-Cola officials said no matter what Kluge thinks, he […]