Since celebrating his 50th birthday by channeling his inner-Trevor and bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon, Will Smith has embarked on a quest to live out all of his crazy dreams. This goal led Smith to seek out comedy guru Dave Chappelle in hopes that his advice would help deliver a perfect stand-up routine. In this episode of Facebook Watch’s Will Smith’s Bucket List, […]

Since taking office, President Donald Trump has not attended the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. The possible reasons for reality television star turned politician vary, but the two most prominent concern his distaste for the press and for the many comedians who regularly roast him. Trump’s public feud with CNN’s Jim Acosta illustrates the former perfectly. As for […]

It turns out Dave Chappelle and Netflix weren’t being entirely truthful when they revealed the stand-up comedian’s third special, Equanimity, would begin streaming on New Year’s Eve. That’s because the Chappelle’s Show star also filmed a fourth concert film titled The Bird Revelation. According to the new trailer Netflix released today, it will drop alongside Equanimity on Sunday, December 31st — just in time […]

George Lopez and a woman who attended his stand-up show had a bit of a standoff in the middle of his routine when she apparently disagreed with the sentiment of one of his jokes at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. “There’s still two rules in the f**king Latino family,” Lopez joked. “Don’t marry somebody black, and […]

It’s been 14 years since Martin Lawrence’s 2002 Runteldat stand-up special. But it’s not like Lawrence hasn’t been on tour making people laugh. In July, Lawrence had a crowd in St. Louis in tears during one of his shows. But now, after 14 years, he’s returning to cable TV. Martin Lawrence Doin’ Time: Uncut was filmed at Los Angeles’ […]

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio — For the last 70 years, the Lord’s Prayer was sung by the choir at East Liverpool High School’s graduation ceremony. But this year, a Wisconsin-based group that advocates separation of church and state told administrators it needed to stop. Rather than fight legal battles, the school removed the song from the […]

Kevin Hart handled the petty comments with class.   Katt Williams used his stage to drag Kevin Hart, and we really don’t know why. The comedian went on a stand-up tirade about his fellow brother in funny: “I’ve already proven that if the best they got in comedy is Kevin Hart— don’t you boo a Black man […]

A 30-year-old man was arrested at a New Mexico show that Dave Chappelle was performing at, after he decided to throw a banana peel at him on stage. According to Yahoo! News, Christian Englander was charged with suspicion of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and battery for throwing the piece of fruit at the comedian, which ended up […]

  The truth about Bill Cosby’s relationship with rape culture may have been sitting right in front of our faces for the last forty years. While he refuses to answer any questions about the controversy and with more women coming out of the woodwork with more allegations, a joke on his 1969 album (ironically titled “It’s True, It’s True”) may give some […]

Twitter went ablaze last night after a Dave Chappelle show went horribly wrong. Many in the predominantly white audience claim he had a meltdown but others say he simply stood up for himself after many in the crowd began to heckle him and demand a shuck and jive routine from the black comedian. Read and watch […]

Dave Chappelle, who’s generally kept a low profile since the end of “Chappelle’s Show” eight years ago, is about to come back in a big way. Chappelle is the headliner for Funny or Die’s “Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival,” which kicks off August 23 in Austin, Texas. The tour, which also includes Flight of the […]

For decades black comedians have used stand up comedy as an outlet to discuss experiences unique to our community. Today the tradition continues in the form of sitcoms and late-night variety shows. In celebration of comedians, past and present, we decided to highlight 10 well known names who have proven that humor is just one […]