Soooo I’m just trying to figure out how every single last person including the editors missed this obvious cup of starbucks coffee. via: TheVerge Of all the twists and turns on Game of Thrones’ most recent episode “The Last of the Starks,” the most shocking one for most of the internet was the appearance of an out-of-place […]

Game of Thrones is the most closely analyzed show since… ever? Every scene is watched over and over again by dedicated fans, especially when there’s only six episodes to go through, like in this final season. So, despite the show’s IMDb page for “Goofs” being tragically blank, if there’s a mistake, someone is going to find it. And […]

Starbucks has now had its rewards program since 2009, though the coffeehouse chain has retooled it numerous times over the years.   Super-loyal customers who use Starbucks’ membership program account for about 40% of sales at the company’s US stores. Now Starbucks is taking steps it believes will make the program more attractive. Starting on […]

Starbucks wants people to stop watching porn in its cafes, and it’s doing what it can to battle that by banning porn sites from its WiFi network. That’s certainly within their right, as providing free WiFi is, unfortunately, not required by the U.S. Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. Still, that doesn’t mean a public […]

Howard Schultz needs to take several seats.   Even after the two Black men arrested at Starbucks recently told “Good Morning America” that they feared for their lives after a white female manager called the police on them, the coffee company’s chairman believes that Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson should sit down with Holly Hylton. Because according to Howard Schultz, Hylton is “suffering […]

This is the first televised interview with Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson.   As many around the country continue to voice their collective outrage surrounding the arrest of two black men while waiting inside a local Philadelphia Starbucks, the men have yet to speak directly to the media. That all changed when that sat for […]

Amid continuing fallout and a growing boycott movement, Starbucks is taking concrete steps to address the arrest of two black men in a Philly store after viral footage of the incident surfaced. CEO Kevin Johnson has issued multiple apologies and expressed his desire to apologize “face-to-face” to the two men, who apparently did nothing other than request to use the […]

In a statement issued on April 14, Kevin Johnson referred to what happened as a “reprehensible outcome.”   After calls for a boycott against Starbucks for a recent incident involving the unwarranted arrest of two Black men in Philadelphia, the company’s CEO, Kevin Johnson, has issued an apology. He also wants to meet with the men […]

A New York man’s Facebook rant about his lactose-intolerance and how a mix-up at Starbucks can really affect him, has gone viral on social media. Demit Strato says he doesn’t order soy milk to sound fancy, he orders it because if he has regular milk, it will land him in the bathroom for hours. In […]

The incident started, police say, when William Boucher, a 23-year-old white man wearing a light-colored suit, became angry when someone spilled a beverage on him shortly after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at a Starbucks on West Lake Street. The situation spilled onto the sidewalk, where Boucher spat on a man, 30, and woman, 34, police said. […]

Starbucks recently unveiled one of their limited edition, over-the-top, crazy concoctions that usually have enough food coloring to cause a chemical imbalance. With this latest attempt, the worldwide coffee giant was probably hoping that the sheer outlandishness of the idea would do their marketing for them, and for the most part that’s true. Customers have […]

Starbucks is giving a sneak preview of the 13 new designs set to adorn their red holiday cups, starting Thursday. The designs include Christmas lights, candy canes, snowflakes and a reindeer, to name a few. Starbucks chose the winning designs from an Instagram contest that included submissions from more than a dozen countries. “We hope […]