The American public has been watching their news alerts to find out whether they receive a $600 or $2000 check after president signed a bill at the 11th hour but said a $600 check was unacceptable, then Democrats led a passage vote on the house floor for the 2 grand check, 275-134, keeping our hopes […]

As horrific as the COVID-19 pandemic has been to the world, the war on the virus has made most come together because we are after all in this together.  But unfortunately some people want people to come together in a manor that may put them at risk for coronavirus now these somebodies want the stimulus […]

If you are waiting for your stimulus check to come in the mail because the IRS didn’t have a direct deposit account on file, you might be waiting a little longer. Whats the hold up now!? President Donald Trump is demanding that his name appear on the $1200 stimulus paper checks that are being mailed […]