Taco Bell

One of the most popular fast-food chains is getting rid of several menu items, despite that they are well-liked with fans and customers. Taco Bell has announced that 12 of its offerings are going away as of Aug. 13 as a way for them to “streamline operations.” So what will the place that gives you […]

Taco Bell has an almost cult-like following. Lovers of the fast-food chain swear by its particular Frankensteinian spin on Mexican food — devoting themselves fully to the brand and draping themselves in robes of hot sauce packets. I’ve even heard, and mind you this is merely a rumor, that Taco Bell fanatics — I’m told they prefer the term Bellists — […]

https://www.facebook.com/becky.r.burch/videos/10214062370373055/ An Ohio Taco Bell employee has reportedly been fired after he appeared to refuse to serve a hearing-impaired customer. Becky Rosemont Burch shared a now-viral video to her Facebook page on Jan. 2, showing her son, Brandon Washburn, attempting to order and communicate with employees by writing his order on his phone. The employees, however, […]

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma – Police are searching for a man who fired several shots through a Taco Bell drive-thru window when he didn’t get the taco sauce he wanted. It happened recently at a Taco Bell in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When officers got to the scene of a reported shooting, they learned what that a fight […]

Burger King has to deal with a reinvented McDonald’s, while Taco Bell’s new food items including the Naked Chicken Chalupa and Nacho Fries has helped connecting the restaurant better with “millennials and Gen Z.”   Lovers of chalupas and crunch wraps have spoken: Taco Bell is now bigger than Burger King. The Mexican-themed chain eclipsed its […]

Move over McDonald’s. Taco Bell is adding fries to its menu. On Wednesday, the chain announced that U.S. customers will soon be able to order Nacho Fries for just $1. According to Taco Bell, the fries will have “a bold Mexican seasoning” and be served with a “warm Nacho Cheese dipping sauce.” Customers can also order “Supreme” fries […]

Usually, when a customer walks into a Taco Bell, he or she would know that it serves only Mexican food (well, more of a different type than other Mexican restaurants).  However, one customer lost control over not serving a type of food that the Bell is NOT known for. One video is going viral where […]

Imagine this scenario: it’s late and you’ve had a few drinks (of the alcoholic variety). You have a craving for Taco Bell, but you don’t want to drink and drive. The closest Taco Bell is miles away and you definitely aren’t planning to literally “run to the border” after a few cocktails, craft beers, and […]

Fast food restaurants all over the world have been introducing new items, both permanent and temporary, since the concept was first introduced. Very rarely do a lot of new items get pulled off menus after a weeks or days, especially if demand not met. However, Taco Bell just did the unthinkable…they are pulling the newly-introduced […]

Taco Bell hasn’t been afraid of pushing the bottomless envelope of daring dishes but this time, things are getting a tad extreme. On Jan. 26, the brand will launch the Naked Chicken Chalupa nationwide, according to USA Today’s For The Win. In other words, you can soon get your hands on a taco with a […]

If there’s one thing we all hate (and this is everyone), it’s the fact that enjoying Cheetos, like enjoying anything with glitter on it, comes at an exceedingly high cost. But Taco Bell, which has already put Cheetos in both its burritos and sliders understands the anguish you feel when that horrible orange dust gets in […]

CLEVELAND – A Taco Bell with a new concept is coming to Cleveland and it’s already looking for employees. According to a post on the craigslist for Cleveland, the city is getting a Catina Taco Bell in mid-September. The fast food restaurant will have an urban feel with a few new menu items as well […]