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The COVID-19 pandemic has us all being extra careful and slowing down, however when it pertains to music awards, the tradition is carrying on, maybe a little differently but carrying on none the less. Last night the 2020 American Music Awards hosted by Taraji P. Henson did happen at The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and with […]

Back when Kanye West was known for speaking to truth to power, he took a hit for proclaiming that Taylor Swift was undeserving of her Video of the Year Award. He argued that Beyoncé’s iconic “Single Ladies” video should have taken home the coveted award. It was a matter of wrong time and wrong place. […]

Taylor Swift released a teaser for the first track off her new album, and no one with melanin was here for it.   Pop star Taylor Swift dropped the first single from her 10th studio album ‘Reputation’ today. Normally, a Taylor track would elicit no more than a light sigh of reaction from Black America. But in […]

David Mueller, the former country music radio host accused of groping her during a photo shoot, alleges that he has been unable to find radio work because of the case, and is suing Swift for whatever damages the jury sees fit.   KUSA – Pop star Taylor Swift took the witness stand Thursday morning to […]

Perhaps it was strategic that Katy Perry chose Nicki Minaj to jump on “Swish Swish,” a track from her upcoming album, “Witness,” that appears to be a dis toward Taylor Swift. The song is said to be an answer to Swift firing the first shot in 2015 with her track, “Bad Blood.” “Keep calm honey […]

The reality star uses her social media following to defend her husband, Kanye West. Kim Kardashian showed her Snapchat viewers a video of Kanye West being filmed having a phone conversation with Taylor Swift on speaker phone. The music giants were having a deep discussion regarding the lyrics of “Famous.” You know, the line: “I […]

Not only did Taylor Swift’s Apple commercial doing cardio to Drake and Future’s song JUMPMAN cause their records sales to FLY (there is a pun intended :) ) But her flying was the funniest thing EVER!!! I wonder did she have a stunt double for this?? Please remove all liquids from your mouth before viewing. […]

Taylor Swift won ‘Album Of The Year’ at the 58th annual Grammy awards and used her acceptance speech to check Kanye her haters for trying to take credit for her career.  “And as the first woman to win Album of the Year at the Grammys twice, I want to say to the young woman out […]

A few hours before Lady Gaga graced the stage for a special performance dedicated to Bowie, Iman took to Instagram and posted a photo of her wearing a black sweater with the word "Bowie" emblazoned on it.