CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – In the last two days, Cleveland has tied the record set for heat in 1954 at 93 degrees, officially putting the area in a heat wave. This was due to typical summer-like area of high pressure sitting over top of us, combined with sinking air and stronger winds. This allowed afternoon temps to […]

  AKRON, Ohio – A 1-year-old child was taken to the hospital after being found alone in a car at Chapel Hill Mall. Akron police went to the mall at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday after getting the report.   To read what happened with the child’s father, click here: NewsNet5.com Article and Picture Courtesy of […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The wicked winter is turning The West Side Market into one big frozen food section! The City of Cleveland is allowing space heaters, which are normally prohibited, inside because of the severe cold. It’s so cold inside the famed market, that vendors are wearing multiple layers to try to stave off the freezing […]

  LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) – Columbia Gas crews are nearly finished with shutting off all the gas lines to homes that lost natural gas on Monday night. Approximately 2,200 customers are affected in Elyria, Eaton Township and North Ridgeville. Once all the meters have been shut down, the entire system will have to be purged, […]

  (WOIO) – Children & Cold Weather Children are more prone to develop hypothermia (lowered body temperature) when the body’s rate of heat loss is greater than the rate of producing heat. Children also have a relatively larger body surface area that contributes to more rapid heat loss. Also, 50% -60% of the body’s heat […]

  (WOIO) – The extreme cold weather can wreak havoc on your pipes. Experts anticipate lots of frozen and burst water lines. One eighth-inch (3 millimeters) crack in a pipe can spray more than 250 gallons of water a day — ruining floors, carpets, furniture and irreplaceable personal belongings. Also, pipes can freeze anywhere due to exposure […]

  (WOIO) – A number of businesses and attractions have closed due to the extreme cold. If you have a closure, email us at web@19actionnews.com. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be closed Tuesday, Jan. 7 The Akron Zoo will be closed Monday and Tuesday. As long as weather conditions are favorable, the […]