Maybe during this temporary break Lahren will take the time to rethink her rhetoric and read a few books.

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It's nice to know that the "Daily Show" host appreciates the strength of the sistas'.

His efforts are to curb one of the worst public health disasters in the U.S.   B ig Sean adds his name to the list of several high-profile celebrities who have lent their time and efforts to raise money for the Flint water crisis, according to The Detroit News. On Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily […]

CLEVELAND – If you like politics and comedy, mark your calendars. Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” will be taping in Cleveland the week of the Republican National Convention. Tapings will be July 19-22 at Breen Center for the Performing Arts at St. Ignatius High School. Click here to book a reservation.   […]

The highly-popular publication, Forbes, posted its annual 30 Under 30 lists in categories including Games, Music, Sports, Art & Style, Hollywood & Entertainment — among others. This year, Star Wars newbie John Boyega, 23, is one of the many inspiring people to make the cut. The Daily Show’s theme song recently received an upbeat facelift. Superstar producer Timbaland redid the […]

Jon Stewart’s successor Trevor Noah knocked his first episode of The Daily Show out the park last night by “continuing the war on bullsh***” with mentions of…

Jon Stewart has stepped up to the plate when it comes to hosting The Daily Show after national tragedies. He connected with America’s heartache following 9/11. He noted collective astonishment at the fact that Daniel Pantaleo, the man who killed Eric Garner on camera, escaped indictment. Stewart didn’t come with any jokes or wit when speaking about the tragedy in […]

On Monday, a handful of questionable tweets from comedian Trevor Noah were unearthed just hours after he was named the new Daily Show host. Noah, who hails from South Africa,…

Comedian Trevor Noah is currently everywhere thanks to his new job — he’s nabbed the coveted hosting spot at The Daily Show. In an interview with…

After months of speculation following Jon Stewart’s departure announcement from the satirical news program The Daily Show, the New York Times is reporting that Trevor Noah — a 31-year-old contributing comedian to the show — will succeed the longtime host. News of Noah’s arrival to the hit show is welcome; the South African native is a surprising addition […]

  Lately, Republican politician Mike Huckabee has made a lot of noise in trying to pin Beyonce as the ultimate ruin of America’s “culture of crude.” (Feel free to roll your eyes here.) Because of that, he was invited as a guest to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to further explain why he chose Beyonce out […]

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive   “Do you not understand that life in this country is inherently different for White people than it is Black people?” “The Daily Show” returned this week after Jon Stewart’s vacation and personally, I couldn’t wait to hear his commentary […]