In the midst of family distractions, Gymnast Simone Biles was killing it during the Olympic Trials doing only things that a man could do…literally.   However distractions (one of which is COVID-19 in the Olympic village) has arouse in Tokyo and her skills hasn’t been quite on point.  So Simone Biles woman-ed up and removed herself […]

Going into the 2021 NBA finals ESPN asked Rachel Nichols (who is white) to tag team coverage with Maria Taylor.  Rachel Nichols said hell to the no, she wasn’t willing to loose her job over ESPN’s diversity issues.  All of this was unbeknownst to Maria Taylor, until the conversation Rachel Nichols had with LBJ’s publicists […]

CLEVELAND – Japan is going to get a little taste of how Cleveland rocks. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced plans to expand to Tokyo to create the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Japan. An inaugural opening date will take place this September, and a permanent site will open at a […]

Botox is more ubiquitous than yoga pants in Hollywood. But women (and men) in Asia have been taking part in a different injection “trend” for years: saline bagel-shaped injections on one’s forehead. “National Geographic Taboo” chronicles the bizarre beauty treatment in an upcoming episode set in Tokyo, following three people who opt into the temporary […]