*Another “Brown” is in the news for acting a fool in public. Tom Joyner announced on his show this morning that Foxy Brown was kicked off of his “Fantastic Voyage” cruise and escorted right to a plane. “We put Foxy off the cruise. Let’s just say she got put off,” Joyner said on his morning […]

In Studio Jam with Mint Condition. Watch their set performances from the Red Velvet Cake Studio!

http://www.bvonmoney.com This morning, I got a text from my respected colleague Roland Martin. I can’t remember what Roland and I were talking about, but I do remember what he told me at the end of our conversation. Roland mentioned that he couldn’t do anything next week because “the cruise is leaving in a couple of […]

Roland Martin talks with Rev Dr. William Barber about the Tea Party in Wake County, North Carolina taking over the school board and re-segregating the school system.

“The Tom Joyner Morning Show” spoke to First Lady Michelle Obama today about the one-year anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign that helps get kids healthier and physically fit. She also revealed her plans for Valentine’s Day with the President. Barack Obama.

Tom Joyner will be speaking with Michelle Obma on Friday at 8am, make sure you tune in.

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images If you missed it, Mary Harvey, ex-wife of radio host, comedian, author Steve Harvey gave an interview to his friend and morning show rival Tom Joyner today. She says she wants closure with her ex-husband and the drama in the media about their past marital relationship.

This Is What Started It… This Is Where The Score Card Begins… Steve Harvey Responds To Ex-Wife’s Accusations » by Sha Stimuli January 26, 2011, 12:47pm Steve Harvey has been recently under attack by his ex-wife Mary Harvey who to Youtube and made videos speaking on his infidelity. Steve’s camp previously responded, but now it’s […]

Congressman James Clyburn joins Roland Martin on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to discuss President Obama’s State of the Union address, what it means for African-Americans and government spending.

Roland Martin talks with Patrick R. Melvin, President of NOBLE (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives) about the recent rash of police shootings.

Check out Take Six in the Studio Jam with Tom Joyner this morning!