Vivian Green

The Queen Of The Emotional Roller Coaster Talks about her newest project “VGVI”, the Queen Of The Emotional Roller Coaster talks about her newest project “VGVI” with Tom Joyner this morning on TJMS “Well, it marks my 15th year in the music business. That’s quite a milestone for me, ” said singer Vivian Green of her […]

Last night in Cleveland “Relationship Hour’ got real. We laughed through amazing relationship advise given by Sam Sylk. We got some great lyrical testimony from Vivian Green as she made the audience stand as the released the drama from their lives then rocked them back to hope of the future. Vivian also gave us new […]

Vivian Green has conquered the music business in-spite of. She is the champion of riding life’s Emotional Roller Coaster then turning that bad boy around and Get Right Back To Her Baby. A proud mother whose love allows her to conquer all. Check out her love testimony below.

In order to master ones craft one must typically be astute. An underling to great things, produces greatness. In in order to achieve greatness there must be exactly that, order. Hence the story of the Philly songstress/songwriter by way of Cleveland, Ohio, Laurin Talese and how she brought order to a Gorgeous Chaos. Laurin Talese […]

By BridgetEE Where are all my line dancers at??  Once upon not long ago, well, depending on how old you are, before televisions invaded homes, your entertainment was radio.  That’s right, people sat around a radio and listened not just to music, but shows/programs.  They actually had voice actors/artists speaking lines, painting a picture if you will, with sound, and […]

R&B singer Vivian Green stopped by the Majic 107.5 / 97.5 studios recently and spoke with Carol Blackmon about her new album, “Beautiful,” which is in stores now.

Vivian Green recently debuted the video for her new “Beautiful” single. Vivian is set to release her long awaited album of the same name on April 6th and is also rumored to be hitting the road alongside Chrisette Michele later on this year.