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Happy Merry Happenings Benefit

Source: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty

By BridgetEE

Where are all my line dancers at??  Once upon not long ago, well, depending on how old you are, before televisions invaded homes, your entertainment was radio.  That’s right, people sat around a radio and listened not just to music, but shows/programs.  They actually had voice actors/artists speaking lines, painting a picture if you will, with sound, and you the audience had to use your hearing to supply interpretation to your imagination.  So today I want to go back in time to a place where story telling was extremely important.  Slide down your cranial projection screen and take note that Loves Amusement Park is now open starring: every woman that is or has been in love professional expressionist, as well as comforter, the beautiful and amazing talented (singer/song writer/dancer/actress) Vivian Green♪ ♪ ♫When first introduced to Vivian Green she read to us from A Love Story while allowing us to ride on her Emotional Rollercoaster, when she taught us ladies what to say to that toxic man  “Loving you ain’t nothing healthy ♫” and “That loving you was never good for me ♫” YES YES!!   Then VIVIAN taught us all, that when one gets TIRED you GOTTA GO, GOTTA LEAVE ♫ so please don’t make it hard for me, I gave enough, I’m tired of love umm hmm♫ yesss some testimony all up in that :)  ♫  Oh sorry got caught up for a minute:  Then came the identification ladies, CURSED.  (Close curtain LOL) (Open curtain stage right) Well ladies our fearless leader is all healed up with a fresh new look, a new adventure, a funky beat along with a romantic/funky video: with a fine man with a nice car meaning he must have a job and you know that’s a plus….(shoot sorry got off track again LOL).  The masterful story teller of relationships teamed up with my BOI “You Gots To Get Down”  polka dot wearing KWAME’   (Make Noise LLC) to produce a track that I guarantee in three minutes and thirty two seconds will have the club jumpin, ahhh the inception of a new line dance :) .  Philly native Vivian Green with outstanding vocal range shows us the happy side of love this time.  With the video direction of Derek Blanks we get to experience what the joy of love can bring as Viv shows all sides of herself the singer/song writer/dancer/actress  (and did I mention the fine “A” man? :) )   Before I Let You Go I want to introduce from her forth coming album, due out late this summer titled “VIVID”, which includes the vividly FIRE single and video “Get Right Back To My Baby” !!!  As always please watch and listen responsibly♫♫