When you walk by faith and not by sight, not many things get you down, because you know that no matter what when your prayers go up blessings rain down.  People that live by those principals spirit typically radiates their faithfulness which transitions into a happiness that becomes contagious and touches others, the others that […]

Shikira Edwards a 3 year veteran waitress at a Denny’s in Tennessee must be pretty good at her job, because a customer gave her a $4,451.61 tip.  Edwards felt blessed until Denny’s said ummm we need to hold on to it. The story goes like this, a customer paying by credit card left Shikira Edwards […]

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A Georgia server is being hailed by many after video of her fighting back against a customer who allegedly groped her went viral. Someone who says they are the server’s cousin posted surveillance video of the incident on the /r/justiceserved subreddit on Sunday, claiming the man in the video was later arrested. The incident, […]

A man’s apparent act of kindness at a Denny’s in Utah is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, according to a post that has gone viral on social media. “Looking into your eyes while you said that made me tear up … I broke down in tears because your eyes had so much pain in them.”The man […]

Waffle House Waitress Denied $1,000 Tip Shaina Brown works the late shift at Waffle House, serving cups of second-wind coffee to wobbly diners with butane…

Bobby Brown caused a ruckus at DJ Cassidy’s 30th birthday party on the USS Intrepid by pulling a waitress’s hair when she walked away from him as they were talking. A source told us, “During the band’s sound check earlier that evening, Bobby was talking to one of the waitresses, but she walked away from […]