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Shikira Edwards a 3 year veteran waitress at a Denny’s in Tennessee must be pretty good at her job, because a customer gave her a $4,451.61 tip.  Edwards felt blessed until Denny’s said ummm we need to hold on to it.

The story goes like this, a customer paying by credit card left Shikira Edwards a $4,451.61 tip and she didn’t know it until her manager told her.  Now three weeks later Shikira still doesn’t have her 4 grand because they don’t know who Shikira’s secret Santa is and allegedly the owner of the Denny’s wanted to make sure it wasn’t a mistake and the owner felt that they should have got the customers name when he left a tip that big.

So Denny’s is going to hold the bag until they can figure out who left the tip and why.

Do you think Denny’s is wrong and what would you do if that were you?

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