Right-wing pundit and Donald Trump superfan Laura Ingraham has faced criticism following her comments on Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service in Los Angeles. “Yesterday in L.A., thousands lined the streets to say goodbye to rapper Nipsey Hussle,” she said during her Fox News show The Ingraham Angle. “Now this dear artist recently released a song called ‘FDT’—F Donald Trump.” The Game has called out […]

Unsealed court documents have let the public in on a massive college entrance exam cheating scheme in Boston. The plot is alleged to have revolved around securing the admission of students to major universities as recruited athletes “regardless of their athletic abilities” and assisting prospective enrollees with exam cheats (i.e. SAT and ACT), per an NBC News report filed Tuesday. Affected universities […]

Roseanne Barr, once known for her eponymous sitcom but now mostly just known for vocalizing extremely moronic and racist remarks, has returned to continue smearing that sitcom’s legacy with yet another soliloquy. This time, Barr has targeted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the progressive political leader and activist who recently became the youngest woman in history to serve in the U.S. Congress. In a clip […]

Just when it seems like Logan Paul, one of the most infamous YouTubers around, has done everything under the sun to offend people on the internet, he does it again. It’s only been a year since Paul’s horrific “suicide forest” video, and he clearly learned few if any lessons on sensitivity afterward. Like many of us, he’s going […]

UPDATED 12/17 5:43 ET: TMZ reports that Ribeiro has also filed a lawsuit against the creators of the popular NBA 2K series. Alfonso Ribeiro is the latest celebrity building a case against Fortnite over an appropriated dance move. According to TMZ, the former Fresh Prince star is suing Epic Games for allegedly stealing the signature “Carlton Dance” he created while playing Carlton […]

A crucial component of the raw joy of ravenously consuming a sack of grease-drenched, deep-fried potatoes is that math isn’t involved with this pastime at all. At least, not traditionally. One Harvard professor, however, feels that should change. Back in November, epidemiology and nutrition professor Eric Rimm of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health referred to the […]

If you’re looking for your daily does of messy, you’ve come to the right place. Last night (Nov. 14), Bhad Bhabie and Iggy Azalea attended Cardi B’s Fashion Nova launch party in Hollywood. Early into the night, the 15-year-old redhead decided to throw a drink out of the blue at her senior. And hallelujah there is footage: It’s honestly a bit […]

The Conners, to my surprise, premiered Tuesday night. Marking the continuation of the since-canceled Roseanne revival, original series star and executive producer Roseanne Barr marked the occasion (which, as expected, included the death of Barr’s character) with a predictable tweet about being alive. https://twitter.com/therealroseanne/status/1052371163161088001?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1052371163161088001&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.complex.com%2Fpop-culture%2F2018%2F10%2Froseanne-the-conners-killing-her-opioid-overdose-aint-dead-bitches Barr also shared a full-length statement on the Conners premiere in conjunction with friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. “While we wish […]

Turns out Melania Trump is just as prone to grandiose qualifiers as her husband. In an exclusive interview with ABC, the first lady called herself “the most bullied person in the world.” The MOST. “One of them,” she later clarified. “If you really see what people are saying about me.” I’m not saying people don’t take their fair […]

The pastor of a Memphis megachurch was met with a standing ovation after admitting to what he characterized as a “sexual incident” with a teen. Highpoint Church pastor and presumed charlatan Andy Savage spoke to his congregation Sunday, at which point he also asked Mr. God for forgiveness. “As a college student on staff at a church in Texas […]

Russia apparently isn’t a big fan of imagery showing President Vladimir Putin as a gay clown. At least one version of the popular meme was recently described on the Russian government’s list of “things that constitute extremism,” the Washington Post reported Wednesday. Due to the banned status, Russian publications have experienced difficulty while attempting to […]

Jen Delgado was reporting on Hurricane Matthew on Monday when she suddenly decided to educate the public about Haiti’s agricultural landscape. Weather Channel meteorologist Jen Delgado just blamed Haiti’s deforestation on starving children who eat trees. Delgado was reporting on Hurricane Matthew on Monday when she suddenly decided to educate the public about Haitian agricultural landscape. Displaying […]