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Why do women stay in unhealthy relationships. I’ve heard the same excuses over and over… these are some of the things you or a friend of yours say in order to rationalize staying in a relationship with that no good man.

1. “His anger shows he cares.”

2. “No one has loved me like this.”

3. “If I leave he’ll take the children.”

4. “I am so unlovable (bad, ugly, hurt, used) I deserve abuse.”

5. “My past is catching up with me. I deserve to be mistreated.”

6. “He is not abusive. I’m just a slow learner.”

7. “God is teaching me: tough times are lessons from God.”

8. “I cannot make it alone.”

9. “Relationships are never perfect. They all hurt in some way.”

10. “You make your bed. You lie in it.”

11. “Things will improve when we have children (get married, get a house, a job).”

12. “He’s really a good person. When I make him angry he can’t help it.”

13. “As long as he is sorry I can put up with anything.”

14. “Things are improving, he doesn’t hit me like he used to.”

15. “God will change him if I am obedient. The Bible says so.”

Girl you need to go ahead and leave that man! Listen to Lyfe and do better for yourself… set some standard!

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