Kem’s made quite a career for himself out of singing middle-of-the-road urban adult contemporary music custom made for you to listen to while driving a Chrysler 300 M on your way to the buffet after church.

His latest album, Intimacy: Album III, continues in the tradition of his previous two gold selling albums, Kemistry, and Album II with easily digestible music for the upwardly mobile Negro that has outgrown the mainstream black music scene and wants a little Warm Neutered Soul music in their lives.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

We get tired of the overly sexual, violent, drug pushing, hyper-masculine R&B and hip-hop male (and female) as much as the next Black Enterprise subscriber, but good lord is it just us or is Kem just absolutely bland and predictable?  He’s the musical equivalent to unseasoned tofu.  It’s working for him though, and more power to the brother.

He makes music for my parents. It’s a boring job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Check out Kem’s latest video “Why Would You Stay”

Intimacy: Album III is in stores now!

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