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Why Do Men Go MIA?

  • by Lysa, 20 hours ago

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  • This has long been a question that I THOUGHT I knew the answer to, but, once again, leaves me BAFFLED. Here are my two experiences with two different men – BOTH of whom went MIA.

    Case 1 ~ Charlie Brown….Charlie and I went out for about three months… during month two, he mentioned that he wasn’t looking for a long-term commitment yet, so, I proceeded, knowing full well, he wasn’t ready. When I started having stronger feelings, we talked about it, and, broke up. Charlie went MIA then, and, that was fine…I knew why – he and I are now friends, where, he keeps up with his rolodex of girls and where we will hang out for an evening with friends, then, he’ll go MIA for a few months, then, calls, then, MIA…it’s actually pretty funny now and completely expected.

    Case 2 ~ Jesse James…This one baffles me. Jesse and I met online…wrote for a year before meeting, and finally met and were in a relationship for a year. We had already met families, talked about me moving, etc. We had just celebrated his 40th birthday, a party I through for him with the help of his friends and family. Three weeks later, I mention we need to talk…he had been pulling back, and, we hadn’t spoken on the phone for a few days and I thought – somethings wrong. The question of needing to talk went unanswered…until the next day, where a text “apologizing” for “making me mad” was sent. I wasn’t mad. I was hurt. Our relationship for several months had seemed one-sided and his actions were speaking louder than his words. Several times I would ask him if things were ok – if he needed some space, or was stressed that I would understand and step back a bit. All the while, I’m given VERBAL reassurances that no, he loves me, etc. But, in the end, it just stopped. Cold Turkey. Nothing. A week after our texts, I e-mailed…I couldn’t simply walk away from 2 years of my life without saying SOMETHING. I told him that I had suspected for a few months now that if I chose to let him go, he’d go. I apologized for not being the one he needs…and wished him well. NOTHING. Two weeks later, he’s back with a woman he dated for a few months before me….he’s gone MIA with nothing to say.

    Obviously, it seems Jesse James is a coward…not the man I thought I knew. But, when someone GIVES you an out…tells you to simply be honest – why can’t the guy simply man up and say – ya, we need a break? how do you go from “loving” someone to  – peace out!?

    Just curious….

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