A T-shirt with an image of a Confederate flag has been banned from being sold at a high school in Lake County. The shirts say “You wish you were a BEBEL” THE WORD Rebel IS outline with a confederate flag image… This message could also mean “YOU WISH YOU WERE WHITE!” 

(WEWS) The mascot for South High School in Willoughby is the “rebel.”

The “Rebel Moms,” a non-profit group, designed the T-shirt to sell to students for “spirit week.” Spirit week is the week leading up to the big football game between rivals North and South high schools.

The shirt has the word “rebel” on the front with a Confederate flag in the background of the letters.

The “Rebel Moms” have already sold 250 shirts.

School officials told the Ohio News Network that new moms are running the group and didn’t know the strict rules against using the Confederate flag.

“You have to be sensitive to students’ needs and to students’ dislikes and what would offend them. There are so many different designs they could have put on the shirt,” said Superintendent Keith Miller.

“I was kind of mad because the moms do everything. They support our football team and they help us out with whatever we need,” said student Dan Hynd about the ban of the sale. Read more…


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