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Since I am newly single, I thought this would be great for my single sisters… Love you most of all… Be sure your standards keep you at the front! Do not compromise… On the way to a new level in you… enjoy  my sisters….

Article by Irene Easterling

Nov. 6, 2010

This is a topic that I can especially relate to, as I was often guilty of attempting to use love relationships to “complete” me. Yet, I never succeeded in obtaining complete fulfillment from a love relationship alone. In the past, I never wanted to be single because I was so insecure with myself. What I’ve learned from this experience and a decision I eventually made to be a better ‘me’ molded me into a different person from who I was 7 years ago. My heart goes out to my single ladies who are still in this dark place I once was. Sharing my mistakes and the choice I made to overcome the myths of being single is my way of trying to have my friends avoid the mistakes I made.

Here are some tips to deliver you from the myths about being single.

1. First, accept the fact that you can’t change people, you can only change yourself.

This is the most important principle that most people still struggle with every day. I had to learn it the hard way myself. Who ever told you that you could change another person lied terribly. We live in a world of “choice”. Every one makes the choice of how they are going to act and we can’t do anything about that. We do however have the power to change “self”. It all starts with a decision. Our actions do speak volumes and sometimes move those around us to want to change too. I advise that the first thing we ought to do while we are single is to accept the fact that we can’t change anyone but ourselves.

2. Forgiving yourself and forgiving those who hurt you.

After accepting you can’t change your ex, you ought to forgive them and let go. Forgiving means they might not deserve it but you do it because you need to move on without that baggage. You might not be able to forget but you have to forgive. If you can’t forgive, how do you expect to be forgiven?

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