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Is Your Man Being Unfaithful If He’s Flirtexting A Female Pal, Like Tony & Eva’s Situation?

by Hollywood Life, 11 hours 10 minutes ago



How close should your BF be to his female friends? Tony Parker allegedly exchanged hundreds of texts with one of his in the span of a month!

After three years of marriage, Eva Longoria Parker reportedly decided to call it quits with hubby Tony Parker because he was being unfaithful — by exchanging hundreds of flirty texts with one of his female pals. But is this reason enough to file for divorce, and can Tony actually be branded a cheater?

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Although the nature of the texts isn’t known at this time, reports suggest that the communication was of a “personal” but not a sexual nature. Regardless, the San Antonio Spurs star was devoting a ridiculous amount of time and attention to another female — which is definitely a no go in my book.

I’m a big believer in platonic male/female friendships. However, hundreds of texts in one month implies that Tony was at least emotionally cheating on Eva — if you’re texting anyone that much, it should be your same sex BFF, or your respective other.

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However, although Eva is reportedly “heartbroken by the betrayal” and ending her marriage as a result, I believe she is jumping the gun. She and Tony have always seemed so in love — and until it’s proven otherwise, he hasn’t ACTUALLY physically cheated on her. If he hasn’t been outwardly unfaithful, they can still work on their relationship.

One thing is clear: Tony needs to quit texting another woman if he wants to keep Eva, regardless of whether they’re actually ‘friends’ or not!

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