Rihanna just slayed the cover of Vogue, having her first child, getting married…now this!! 2022 seemed to be the year that Rihanna was free from folks talking about her tumultuous relationship with Hip Hop/R&B singer Chris Brown and her break up with rapper Drake when news broke with Rihanna sporting a baby bump that she had found […]

Quick question before we get started…will the Lord Bless you with somebody else’s husband?? What goes in the wash will come out in the rinse but how the hell did what’s done in the the dark will come to light in the form of a wedding!?  According to actor/comedian Mike Epps ex-wife, Mike Epps was […]

The internet has been on fire after photo’s of Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua circulated of them kissing while in Naples, Italy for the 2019 Ischia Global Film & Music Festival. The problem with that is film director Antoine Fuqua is married to actress Lela Rochon who is most notably know for her role as […]

via rickeysmileyshow: Things took a turn for the worst when one woman proclaimed her romantic heartbreak to a married pastor. According to Q13 Fox, Latoshia Daniels shot at Paster Brodes Perry of Tennessee several times when she showed up to his home unannounced. She also shot at Perry’s wife who presumably tried to protect her husband […]

Hallmark Channel told the Associated Press that actress Lori Loughlin will no longer be involved with the network after starring in more than a dozen of the network’s films. On Tuesday, Loughlin was indicted by federal officials after being accused of being in a college bribery scheme. Loughlin, who was on the cast of the […]

Unsealed court documents have let the public in on a massive college entrance exam cheating scheme in Boston. The plot is alleged to have revolved around securing the admission of students to major universities as recruited athletes “regardless of their athletic abilities” and assisting prospective enrollees with exam cheats (i.e. SAT and ACT), per an NBC News report filed Tuesday. Affected universities […]

Pastor John Gray confessed his infidelities in his marriage to his congregation. But the media is making it into a scandal. This comes after the news of him buying his wife a Lamborghini which caused some folks to become up in arms about the purchase. Pastor John Gray say’s that he is a successful author as well […]

CLEVELAND – The City of Cleveland has terminated 15 police academy cadets accused of cheating and plagiarizing notes in a notebook used during the police academy. In letters sent to the 15 terminated recruits, the city contends that they violated policy by submitting typed, plagiarized notes in the Basic Police Academy notebook, thereby failing the […]

The #MeToo movement did more than just shine a light on some particularly heinous bad men, it made space for investigating and interrogating the power imbalances that may blur the line of consent. One of the most infamous cases that highlights the need for these conversations is the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal—etched forever in our country’s history with the […]

Tristan has been bombarded by Khloe fans wishing the worst upon him on social media.   In just a few days, Cavs player Tristan Thompson has welcomed a new baby girl into the world while simultaneously becoming one of the hated men on social media. Right before his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian gave birth to their daughter, damning footage of […]

The mother/daughter pair reportedly defended Ray J against cheating accusations. What should be a happy time for Ray J and Princess Love is quickly turning into a minefield of family drama. The couple is reportedly expecting a baby girl amid accusations that Ray J has been cheating on his new wife. TMZ reports Princess argued with her mother and sister-in-law at […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – If Netflix users were their own country, at 118 million Global users in 2017, it would be the twelfth most populated nation in the world; “binging” is now a part of our everyday language, and Netflix users watched about 1 billion hours of content per week in 2017. Need we say more? […]