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CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Cavaliers may have lost the free agency sweepstakes of 2010, but they appear to the have landed the hottest commodity of the New Year.

Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, told ABC News that he is going to accept the Cavs offer for a full-time job, which comes with a mortgage-free home.

“Out of all the all the offers I’ve had, and I’ve had quite a few, I’ll be going with that,” Williams said. “I’ll be working in Cleveland, Ohio.”

The job will include voiceover and broadcasting work for the Cavs and Quicken Loans.

Williams became a national sensation overnight, and the job offers from coast-to-coast started pouring in almost immediately.

During an interview Wednesday on WNCI 97.9 in Columbus, the Cavs extended their offer.

“We’d like to offer you full time work with the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as Quicken Loans Arena,” spokeswoman Tracy Marek said. “On top of it, because we know you’re a person trying to get up and on your feet, Quicken Loans is actually offering to pay a mortgage on a home.”

“That’s the best deal ever!” Williams said.

After extending Williams the offer, the Cavs also launched a website to help convince him to come work for the organization. On the website, fans can leave comments encouraging Williams to come to Cleveland, and the site also features articles about Quicken Loans being a great place to work.

The story was first reported in the Columbus Dispatch, after photographer Doral Chenoweth took video of Williams standing on the side of the road with a side that read, “I have a God given gift of a great voice.” He asked Williams to show off his voice, and the video took off soon after it went up online.