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Generally, a comb doesn’t cause a lot of problems. Sure, there are times where it gets tangled up in your weave tracks and you have to yank it out, or for those who are affectionately deemed “tender-headed,” it can become an instrument of torture in the hands of the wrong comber. But, you never hear of a comb actually being used to threaten anyone or inflicting any real damage on a person.

Until now!

In a news day dominated by hundreds of colorfully named wise guys being nabbed by the Feds, a crime story where the weapon of choice was a metal comb was nearly lost on America.

In New York City, a 13-year-old middle-schooler named Antwanise Richardson (pictured) was arrested after being accused of having an awful name stabbing her teacher in the hand … with a comb.

According to the New York Daily News, it all started when Richardson, who was in a classroom at Middle School 246, bolted to the classroom door to open it for a friend. The teacher, Souleymane Seydi, attempted to prevent the student from exiting the classroom. This is when the story gets “hairy.” LOL!

Students, who were in the classroom at the time, state that the teacher pushed Richardson as he tried to stop her from approaching the door, at which time she stabbed him with a metal comb. A scuffle ensued and the tween was ultimately arrested.

There is no word yet on whether the comb was a wide-tooth or rat-tail.

Although police say that the teacher’s injuries resulting from the scuffle were too minor to warrant a trip to the hospital, Richardson was charged with felony assault and hauled off to the clink.

Richardson’s parents and school officials tried to persuade the teacher not to press charges; however, a source at the school stated that mediation efforts ultimately were unsuccessful.

The tween’s mom, Antionette McLaughlin, told the New York Daily News, “They took it too far. They really took it too far. This is a child. She’s 13.”

McLaughlin still can’t believe her daughter was arrested and is convinced the comb-stabbing was in self-defense.

Harold McLaughlin, Richardson’s father, wanted the teacher arrested but police declined, stating that his daughter was not harmed.

Two days after the incident, New York’s Administration for Social Services (what city-dwellers generically call CPS) showed up at the door to investigate the Mclaughlin’s home. The family believes it was solely out of retaliation for their objection to their daughter’s arrest.

Meanwhile, Antwanise is not happy about missing school, saying, “I miss it. I’m not learning while I’m at home.”

It is likely that more facts about the nature of this confrontation will come to light as the investigation continues. Frankly, I’m surprised the whole thing isn’t on YouTube.

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