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Hersha Howard had a hankering Sunday morning for one of the Thin Mints she purchased from a local troop, but when they were nowhere to be found, she became enraged, and her anger turned towards her sleeping roommate, Jasmin Wanke.

The 31-year-old woman woke burst into Wanke’s room and angrily accused her of eating her cookies. Before Wanke could get a word in, Howard allegedly jumped on top of her roomie, slapped her in the face, chased her with a pair of scissors, struck her with a board, bit her in the breast, then hit her with a sign she found outside.

Even though Wanke tried to tell her rabid roommate that she gave the precious Thin Mints to her children, Howard was still hellbent on getting even. According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Wanke’s husband tried to separate the rowdy roommates and managed to subdue Howard until police arrived.

Girl Scouts cookie sales are estimated at about $200 million a year and Thin Mints has been the number one seller for years.

Howard was taken into custody but was released Monday on $10,000 bail.