7 Types of Women Men Should Avoid

By Anslem Samuel on Mar 15th 2011 6:00AM

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Whether a man’s looking for Ms. Right or just Ms. Right Now, chances are he’s going to run into a few Ms. Wrongs along the way. Problem is, a lot of men overlook the obvious red flags in a woman’s personality because they’re blinded by T&A or the prospect of a new sexual conquest.

However, once the honeymoon phase is over and he finally sees the light, it’s time to figure out the best exit strategy. In an effort to avoid all that extra work, here are a few types of women that men should just avoid right out the gate. 


1. The Religious Fanatic

There’s nothing wrong with believing in a higher power. In fact, having a moral foundation makes for a good marriage and mother material for a man looking to settle down, but too much of anything can be, well, too much.

For someone that lives in a secular world, trying to mesh with a devout church girl can result in problems of biblical proportions. There’s just a major conflict of interests when your woman’s quoting verses from the book of Luke and you’re quoting Uncle Luke verses. It’s just not going to work, so unless you’re ready to get sanctified, leave the religious girls alone, fellas.

2. The Marriage/Baby-Obsessed

If you’ve ever seen an episode of VH1’s ‘What Chilli Wants’, then you have a prime example of this type of woman. It’s perfectly fine to aspire to have a family, but not on the first date. Women like these tend to be focused more on the idea of the nuclear family and wedding than all the steps it takes to actually maintain a marriage, like getting to know someone.

When a woman looks at a man, she should see a potential partner, not a sperm donor. Sure, some women’s biological clocks are ticking, but for some, it feels more like a stopwatch.

3. The Gold Digger

There’s nothing wrong with a woman wanting financial security and assurances that their partner can provide for them and their future offspring. The problem is those women that don’t bring anything to the table other than their looks and just expect a man to lay down the red carpet for them. Worst yet are those that specifically seek out men because of their bank account, looking for a big payday. Guys with no game tend to fall for these types by flashing more cash than personality. In time they’ll eventually see the light, but hopefully, that’s before they put a ring on it or she drops a kid, because then you’re stuck splitting your paycheck with this broad for life.

4. The Angry Black Woman

Let’s not pretend like she doesn’t exist because we all know that she does. Any man that’s come into contact with an ABW should know right away that she’s not one to be messed with – or dated. There’s nothing worse than spending time with someone that’s mad at the world… all the time. Life is hard, but it gets a lot easier when a man keeps all ABWs in a friend box labeled “do not enter.”

5. The Pretty Girl With Problems

Just because a woman is physically attractive doesn’t mean she’ll make a good partner. Take a look at Halle Berry and Christina Milian. Both women would top most celebrity MILF lists, but if you look at their respective dating histories, you’ll see a pattern of bad relationships in their wake.

Sure, the guys in question played a role, but the common denominator is her. BBD said, “Never trust a big butt and a smile.” Well, the same goes for a pretty girl with problems. Don’t trust this type of woman to do anything other than give you a big headache.

6. The Stalker

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and Fatal Attraction weren’t just good movies; they were tutorials on what men should not do: date emotionally unstable women. Sometimes stalkers are hard to detect right off the bat, but when a woman starts popping up unexpectedly, acting overly needy and borders on being scary, it’s time to extricate yourself from the situation – carefully. Whatever you do, don’t just ignore her; women like that don’t like being ignored.

7. The Party Girl

There’s a big difference between being the life of the party and being a party girl. The latter is the type of woman that’s shaking her tail feather every other night and getting sloppy drunk on the regular. Neither are qualities most men want in the future mother of their children.

If you’re 21 and just looking for a good time, then a party girl might be right up your alley, but any grown man looking for a stable relationship need look elsewhere. I don’t care what Usher says, most of us don’t find true love in this club.

There it is, fellas, you’ve been forewarned. No matter how good she looks, if you happen to come across any of the above women during the course of your dating experiences, run the other way quick fast and in a hurry.

What other types of women should all men avoid?