This man, Phillip Wade.   He is one of thee most talented human beings I have ever had the pleasure of laying my ears on.  From his interesting hair cut to his soulful music, the creativity is endless.  Many of you probably know who he is without even knowing..who he is!  He put out this hilarious Trey Songz impersonation video which made itself to Worldstar a long time ago.  It got ridiculous hits, and if you have not seen it check it out below!  (it is a must see)

If you HAVE seen that video, you probably had no idea the dude could actually sing. (and by sing I mean BLOW) His voice is so unique and blew my mind the first time I heard it.  It wasn’t until lately that I actually dug a little deeper and downloaded his music.   His music takes me back to the Motown era where everything involving music was purely about soul.  I feel like Phill Wade was mysteriously supposed to be born back then.  I am definitely not complaining though, because we need his music in 2011!! His latest mixtape “Phill Wade and Friends Vol. 1” where you can download here has a mix of everything from party jams to slow soulful cuts. You will NOT be disappointed!

His latest hit titled “Party line” (which is available on itunes) is promised to get ANYONE off of their feet. (makes me wanna jig)

You can follow him on twitter: @mrphillwade

Check out his official website here

Check out his youtube here

Stay Classy, Cleveland.

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