The records, which contain FBI files spanning 8 years, come from a civil rights probe the bureau launched into the killing. Most B.I.G fans already know a lot of what happened but inside the docs, there is a chronology of events that took place that was probably unknown including ballistics evidence that validates the finger pointing at former LAPD officer David Mack to the murder.

The files go into very detailed notes about his death. You know on March 9, 1997, Biggie left LA’s Peterson Automotive Museum with his crew, then got into the back of a 3-car caravan. A black Chevy SS Impala pulled up to his window and fired several shots. He was pronounced dead a few minutes later. (Tupac Shakur had been killed just 6 months earlier in Las Vegas) BMS discovered by reading the files & YOU can too just visit the source below but we found that Biggie was killed with a “very rare Gecko 9mm gun.” It’s only manufactured in Germany and available in the U.S. through just 2 distributors. Cops found that same damn rare ammunition at the home of Officer Mack. The shady cop was arrested later that year for masterminding a Bank of America heist. Mack was known to have ties to Death Row Records and Marion “Suge” Knight, and police found a shrine to Tupac in his home when they raided it. Parked next to it? A black Chevy SS Impala. Mack is currently serving a 14-year sentence for the robbery, and insists to this day of his innocence.

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