CLEVELAND – Contractors and communities are responding to a six-month 5 On Your Side consumer investigation that found Cleveland-area contractors ignoring a federal safety law, putting families at risk. The agency responsible for enforcing the law hasn’t done much.

Towering trees, artistic architecture and hundred-year-old homes are scattered throughout Northeast Ohio. Beyond the beauty of the homes lies a dangerous problem for your family. It’s a danger that’s estimated to be in 3.7 million Ohio homes.

“It’s something you really don’t think about but you should,” Dathan Hesson explained.

These parents had no idea their own home could alter the future of their two year old son, Jayden. Jayden’s bedroom room is his playground, but it’s also a danger zone.

“They found lead in the paint in the windows, in a couple of doors, and the mailbox,” Hesson said.

To remove it safely, contractors will have to contain the lead with plastic and use specialized vacuums to clean up when they’re done working.

They’re techniques contractors are learning at day-long training classes, but a six-month 5 on Your Side investigation found the majority of contractors are not taking the class.

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