If you guys watched last week’s episode of ‘Braxton Family Values’ then you know that Toni Braxton told her family she had finally made up her mind and was indeed going to pose nude for Playboy.

According to Toni, Hugh Hefner personally has asked her to pose three times in the past, but each time she turned him down.

So what has changed now? According to Toni, just her confidence level. In a recent interview the 44 year old singer dismissed rumors that she was posing for money to alleviate her financial problems.

Reportedly in debt to the tune of 10 million dollars, Toni says whatever Playboy would pay would have little to no effect on her bankruptcy proceedings or the money she owes creditors.

So when will Toni’s pictorial make its way to the masses? Probably during the fall when her reality series returns for a second season and her rumored 8th CD is scheduled to be released.