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Ladies, Financial Sanity is a precious commodity! Once you can learn to cut-back,  nailing down this commodity will liberate your life  from debt and on a journey of living an abundant life that you can afford.

Recession, depression, debt, financial crisis, down fall, LOSS are  rampantly being heard throughout the nation these days. A wake up call has lead many to develop better financial choices allowing their financial lives to be more in balance.

The economy may have worsen since the start of the finanical crisis, but by taking your finances in your own hands you can be living a confident, smarter, and happier life in less time than you think. Here are some great pointers to getting you started on your journey to freedom.

  • SCALE BACK- DOWNSIZE: This process begins by going back to the basics. Evaluate what stuff  in your life you really NEED. A great way to pay down or off debts is to liquate WANTED assets in your life vehicles, investment property, recreational items..etc..
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BUDGET: Live within your means. Economize your lifestyle by shopping at least expensive outlets, scaling back (this one may be hard ladies, but you can do it) on the salon, nail salon, spa treatments… cook more meals at home (It is also healthier).  Is the 8.00 Latte a necessity each morning?  A life of little luxuries is a smarter approach in the current finanical climate. You will save more with the ability to still have some splurges.
  • CREATE AN EMERGENCY FUND: Layoffs, Job changes, the unexpected, and stability is inevitable in these times. A proactive approach to ensure  you don’t create additional debt and helping to stay on track financially (if and when it happens) is to have a set aside emergency fund to cover the additional expenses. This will allow you to continue to pay down your debt without having to increase your debt position.
  • GET WITH THE NEW NORMAL: Stop mortgaging the future. Back to the basics. Start using “The good old-fashion CASH. Don’t spend what you don’t have! Sacrifice until you are able to save the physical cash for the purchase. This will also give you the advantage to bargain, which will save even more cash.
  • TALK ABOUT IT: There are many people in financial turmoil now. If you are in denial or get desperate talk with family and friends about the issues at hands. This gives a great opporutunity to share different points of view and swap advice.

Struggling financially impacts not only your life, but the lives of those closest to you emotionally, physically, and mentally. It is time to make a postive financial choice to live a more empowered life. Remember, financial sanity is the gift that keeps on giving.

About the Author: Colethea Jenkins specializes in money management, Wealth Accumulation,Tax savings strategies, and Private Equity Investment Advisory. She works with Individuals, Families, Businesses, Organizations, and Institutions no matter what their current situation may be. She also hosts “Build, Grow, and Enjoy” on WIGO 1570am in Atlanta and writer for the Working Divas Blog. Promoting financial literacy through education and communication. Follow her on twitter @Colethea

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