save money Saving money only requires a few things: common sense, observation and self-restraint. It’s not always fun – especially in our consumer-driven society – but it’s always wise. So with a little research and some good old-fashioned inside-of-the-box thinking, we present 100 ways to get your spending back on track and your savings account flush […]


Summer reading is a joy. You can become lost in a great adventure, delve into the realms of science fiction, become captivated by a mystery…


It’s a fact: Texas heat is no joke. When you combine temperatures that are well within the 90s with humidity, it can make for a…


When it comes to online degrees, many see it as an economical choice. For example you virtually eliminate the need to drive to a college…


Cicely C. Mitchell– We are all looking for ways to save money these days. In an economy that is challenging all of us to rethink…

Ladies, Financial Sanity is a precious commodity! Once you can learn to cut-back,  nailing down this commodity will liberate your life  from debt and on a journey of living an abundant life that you can afford. Recession, depression, debt, financial crisis, down fall, LOSS are  rampantly being heard throughout the nation these days. A wake up call has lead many […]

How many times a month do you eat out? Before you step in another one of your favorite restaurant check out these tips to keep more of your money in your pocket.

Gas Prices.. What? Almost $4.00.  Remember when $2.00 was high? Well here are some tips to keep $ in your pocket. Trade-in your gas guzzler for a fuel efficient vehicle.Consider that hybrids may take as long as 10 years to break even. Sure they get great mileage, but their initial cost is so much higher […]

Want to learn how to be frugal and fabulous at the same time…read on Working Diva! Living the good life isn’t hard when you are a frugalista!

      Saving money on airline tickets isn’t just a seasonal concern. Here are tips on lowering the cost from an airborne expert.;loc=deals;L1=type;L2=airfare;sz=300×250;tile=2;ord=719333510287733900 By George Hobica November 29, 2010Yes, fares on many routes are much more expensive this holiday season than last, but airfares are not static and there are (relative) deals […]

Surveys have shown that money is one of the main causes of stress. The recession increased money woes for many of us — playing up our fears of joblessness or putting more pressure on us to make ends meet on a smaller budget.

It’s that time of year again — the time when the heat comes back on and we wonder exactly how much money feeling comfortable and cozy in our own homes is going to cost this winter.