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Summer reading is a joy. You can become lost in a great adventure, delve into the realms of science fiction, become captivated by a mystery or simply learn ways to find inner peace. Regardless of what is on your reading palette, there are tips you can use to obtain knowledge, know-how and tips from a book without having to spend lots of cash.

1. Become a (rewards) member of your favorite book store. Book stores always offer members of their clubs great book and reading incentives. You could end of saving tremendous amounts of money on books by signing up to be a member. With a card and a nominal fee, you could be entitled to discounts, first dibs on popular best-sellers and other reward programs.

2. Purchase paperback or ebooks of your favorite books. Chances are that wonderful book is in a paperback or even an ebook. Paperback versions of books are often five or six dollars less than their hardback counterparts. When it comes to ebooks you are definitely saving money as most are less expensive and you can download them instantly.

3. Check for book clubs in your community or neighborhood. Does your church have a local book club? Does your community center offer book parties for children? Check within your community for free or low-cost book clubs. Chances are you can save money by sharing and borrowing the books and children can even share their thoughts with other children about that wonderful book! Book clubs are great ways to interact and share memories with your children and friends. Books fuel the imagination and offer opportunities for personal growth.

4. Make library time count. Having a library card is a great way to borrow and read books. Ask your local librarian how to obtain a card. Usually you need to show you are a resident with a utility bill or a form of ID such as a driver license or student ID card. Libraries offer a wealth of books as well as the latest best-sellers and features. Your librarian can also recommend additional books for you to read as well.

5. Be on the lookout for webinars or listen to interviews with authors. If one of your favorite authors or bloggers releases a new book, chances are they will doing a round of promoting. Check with your local community center or library to see if your favorite author will be in your neck of the woods. Sometimes the author will give away extra bonuses and products for purchasing the book. They also might offer the book for free as a special promotion for attending. Don’t forget to ask them to autograph it as well!

Watch the video below for additional tips on how to save money on books:

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