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Whether you are a uniform-clad first grader hopping on the yellow bus, or a thirty-something grad student juggling work and a thesis statement, use your iPhone with some stellar educational and resourceful apps to keep on top of your game. Here are a variety of apps for students of all ages to start off on the right foot come fall.

Apps for Elementary/Middle School

The Berenstain Bears’ Bedtime Battle

The transition from summer break to early morning bus rides can wreak havoc on a young person’s attitude and school readiness. Ease them into earlier bedtimes with The Berenstain Bears’ Bedtime Battle app ($2.99). An interactive bedtime story is the perfect way to kick off their back-to-school routine while encouraging literacy and spending some loving, quality time with them.

Stack the States

An absolutely joyful way to learn the states and capitals of the good old U.S.A., even if you don’t have children, the Stack the States app ($1.99) is well worth checking out. And, children and teens are more likely going to love to learn if their adult role models enjoy the educational process as well. Make learning fun this back to school year with an app like Stack the States.

Apps for High School

SAT and ACT Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy

High school is all about preparing for college so don’t wait until the last minute to start studying for your entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT. Make your life easier in the long run and start improving your vocabulary from day one with the SAT and ACT Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy ($4.99).


My go-to study trick in high school was making flashcards for everything from math formulas to Spanish words. Instead of carrying rubber-banded stacks of index cards everywhere like I did back in the ‘90s, get the free Flashcards* app for your iPhone and study on-the-go whether you’re on the couch or on the train.

Apps for College

Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX

The step up from high school math and science classes to college caliber courses is pretty steep. Be prepared to make a major impact on your first day with the Formula MAX app ($1.99). This savvy app has all the physics, chemistry and math formulae you need in one handy place.

IntelliTask Pro

Half the battle of getting through college is organizing your tasks. Even now, I still have nightmares of showing up at class without completing an assignment, and I’ve been out of college more than 10 years! Save yourself some future bad dreams and organize all your homework in one place with the IntelliTask Pro app ($1.99). It was designed by a Purdue University student in a mobile class and is perfect for the multitasking college student.

Apps for Grad School

Literary Terms – Oxford Dictionary

Two words: thesis statement. For English lovers who are chasing their Master of Arts, definitely download the Literary Terms – Oxford Dictionary app ($14.99). It has extensive coverage of literary terms used at all levels and is even fun for casual lovers of literature who aren’t in school. The Oxford Dictionary makers have dozens of apps for students of all disciplines including economics, physics, medical, zoology and many more.


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