The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc of the lives of people not only medically, but mentally not mention educationally as our children have been physically out of school for almost a year forcing parents and grandparents to be teachers aids and kitchen tables to be classroom desks but unfortunately the learning process for our children […]

  Five-year-old Rasiyah Buckley was eager to show off her “first day” outfit as she walked to the rear entrance of Griffith Elementary. Rasiyah wore her black slippers adorned with a rim of white jewels, black jeans, a belted blue shirt, and last but not least, a smile under her head of cascading braids with […]

Here’s a spot of good news to brighten your day: 2,000 students in the United States will receive brand new school supplies to take back to school courtesy of singer Beyonce and her BeyGood charity. EURweb reports: The singer has selected underfunded schools in a number of cities on the East Coast, including New York City, […]

  Mom Tonette Mouton wasn’t too keen on her boys telling her they didn’t want her to take a first-day-of-school picture. So she retaliated in a most epic way — through a rap that’s going viral. ​”Just some advice, don’t act up at school, boys, this momma will act like a fool. … The next […]


For many students, it’s back to school time. For many schools, a school uniform policy is implemented. If you’re a parent whose child is required…


“It’s the most…wonderful time of the yearrrr!” That popular line from a Christmas song is quite applicable to “back to school season”! In Texas this…

Every day I hear about tremendous strides in the fight to combat childhood obesity, but for every pound we lose, we seem to gain two back. Here are five common mistakes parents make on a daily basis with their children’s diets and how they can take a few simple steps to ensure their children will […]

Whether you are a uniform-clad first grader hopping on the yellow bus, or a thirty-something grad student juggling work and a thesis statement, use your iPhone with some stellar educational and resourceful apps to keep on top of your game. Here are a variety of apps for students of all ages to start off on […]

Shifting into school mode can be difficult for any child, especially after a long summer of fun. Consider the following tips when helping your child make the inevitable transition: Planning and time management Children often struggle with planning and time management. They may find it difficult to think ahead to plan a project, or they […]

We know, we know. He was acquitted of those charges, his marriage to (teenage) Aaliyah was annulled and he’s sooo talented and blah, blah, blah. Great. Yet and still, whose idea was it to have R. Kelly be the honorary grand marshal for a back to school parade in Chicago? Seriously. Come on. He’s functionally […]

This week President Barack Obama traveled to Philadelphia, PA to deliver his second annual back-to-school speech at the Julia Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School.  Several dignitaries joined President Obama to support and encourage the kids to take control of their future and succeed this school year.

Your child’s first day of school or kindergarten is always a moment for pause. Suddenly your toddler is no longer and your 4 or 5 year old is heading out to pastures anew. While it is an exciting time, it can also be quite stressful for both the child and the parents, so removing first […]