CLEVELAND, OH – In anticipation of forecasted rain knocking fall leaves to the ground this week, the City of Cleveland is reminding residents that the Department of Works no longer vacuums loose leaves from residential tree lawns. This change announced earlier this year is due to State imposed budget cuts which resulted in staff reductions. The City is asking residents to gather their leaves and place them in bags or trash cans for pick up on their regularly scheduled waste collection day.

“It’s important that everyone follow City guidelines for leaf disposal,” says Michael E. Cox, Cleveland Director of Public Works. “Loose leaves blow, drift and eventually end up in the street clogging neighborhood catch basins and that’s when streets and homes begin to flood.”

Previously, the City vacuumed loose leaves from residential tree lawns in high leaf generation areas for approximately eight weeks beginning in November. Now, ALL residents must bag leaves or place them in trash cans.

Residents are responsible for fallen leaves on their property and should keep sidewalks free and clear. Leaves should not be dumped in vacant lots and local laws prohibit leaf burning.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News