Earlier this week, HBO’s Real Sports host Bryant Gumbel launched a racial attack on NBA commissioner David Stern’s handling of the current lockout. Gumbel called Stern a “modern plantation overseer” and said he treats NBA players as “hired hands.”

On the Thursday Charles Barkley was asked about the comments.

“I thought they were stupid,” Barkley said. “Disrespectful to black people who went through slavery. When [you’re talking about] guys who make $5 million a year.”

The TNT NBA analyst also said during Stern’s stint as commissioner, the average salary has gone from $300,000 to $5 million and that he isn’t holding anyone back from earning a lot of money.

For those not into sports, NBA owners locked out their players when the old collective bargaining agreement expired June 30. The exhibition season and first two weeks of the regular season have already been cancelled. NOW it looks like the Christmas games will also be history because the 2 sides just can’t get it together.

Watch Gumbel and tell us what you think?

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