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Two 12-year-old boys from the projects threw a shopping cart from the fourth floor of an East Harlem parking lot and it struck a woman in the head, leaving her in critical condition.

Friends say the 47-year-old Marion Salmon was with her 10 year old son at the exact same time the young boys recklessly threw the shopping cart. She was buying candy for a party.

Moments before, Carlos Vargas, 35, said he spotted the young thugs pushing the cart near the fourth-level parking lot.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Vargas said one of the teens responded before they launched the cart from the overhead walkway.

The cart bounced off a sign before landing on the unidentified woman below, witnesses said.

Her son, a young boy about 10 years old, was on top of her crying.

Security cameras caught everything on tape. Police are not releasing that video but do say it was a key element that helped them catch the 12 year old suspects.

“She’s going to be, in the best of all cases, in rehabilitation for months,” he said Tuesday as he left his W. 95th St. townhouse and hailed a cab to Harlem Hospital.

“She’s under sedation. She’s intubated. She has a thousand machines hooked up to her. It’s very disturbing.”

What really upsets the family is that the victim, a successful real estate agent and graduate of the posh Spence school and Barnard College, volunteered at an E. 93rd St. neighborhood center that helps kids like the two now charged with the sick stunt.


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