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tito jackson conrad murrayTito Jackson, an older brother of late pop superstar Michael Jackson, said Wednesday morning that he and his siblings had attempted “multiple times” to stage interventions to save their brother from what they felt was his addition to prescription drugs.

Check out some of the quotes from the interview with Tom Joyner:

On InterventionTito Jackson : “Well Tom, it wasn’t just one time that my family& I tried to intervene, there was multiple times& yes its true Michael had a lot of “yes” men around that would do anything & when you’re strung out like that you know, you’re not thinking in your clear mind so they only care about their paycheck but I actually did get shoved to the ground.

On $150,000 a month DoctorTito: Tom! When you’re dealing with money & people they don’t care. They really don’t care… They only care about the money. Money talks. BS WALKS. It’s just like the doctor, $150,000 a month made him decide to do the wrong thing you know so…

Check out the full audio below:


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