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If Dwyane Wade thought the rumors about him getting it in with Lauren London would go away, he thought wrong.

Bossip spoke with a source who has known Wade for years and says his dirty dog behavior has been going on for quite some time and still hasn’t stopped.

Here’s what our source had to say:

“He cheats on Gabrielle Union all the time. I’ve known Dwyane a long time. Let me explain how long… I used to pay him visits when he used to reside at the Setai. That was one of his many residences in Miami. That was his chill spot back in the days when he was married. Gabrielle was also a frequent visitor, as well Lauryn London. They were on an in and out basis, he had them hoes in rotation.”

What?!? A baller with numerous hoes in rotation. Okay so that’s not exactly shocking, especially since it’s no secret that D-Wade’s relationship with Gabrielle Union started while he was still married. But our insider revealed a number of details folks may find interesting.

For example, here’s how D-Wade covered his behind when it came to messing with actress Lauren London:

Sharif, Dwyane’s assistant would front and say he dated Lauren, yet everyone knew damn well he could not pull a girl like Lauren. Anyways Dwayne and Marcus his boy from when he was younger would have all types of b*tches in their low key, apt.

Here’s what our source had to say about her sexual experience with D-Wade:

“I too had my situation with Dwyane. Can’t lie, he is great in bed, but I definitely would not take him seriously the way Gabrielle does. He f**ks and flies b**ches out all the time. I remember going to a hotel and they said, ‘Nice to see you again,’ when in fact I was never in that location. I bet Sharif, his assistant, can answer flight questions, since he’s always booked mine. I always wondered how his staff must feel when they see random girls and then have to see Gabrielle when she flies in randomly. I remember seeing a few of her clothes, some low budget isht in one of his places. I find it weird Dwyane wouldn’t lace her up, considering he’s always dressed to impress.”

Ouch. Our source goes on to say that D-Wade and Gabrielle Union are fronting more than a little bit.

“They like to act like they are Michelle and Barack, when in reality things are not what they seem. Every time some type of gossip comes out they have to make an appearance to show the media how real they are!”

She might have a point. Remember when the pair popped up at that movie premiere this summer after all those break up rumors???

Bossip’s source also claims the email from Shaq that was published months ago was factual:

“He’s involved with many girls, and that’s to say the least. And everyone that deals with him knows this. Either Gabrielle knows this and doesn’t care or she is playing dumb. Which I find hard to believe considering she has dated Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion and others. The email from Shaq stating that Lauren London was in fact Dwayne’s girl is true. But of course Dwayne went on the radio show to “prove how much in love he and Gabrielle are” and to show that he and Lauren are “friends” … What a joke!”

Source: Bossip