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It seems that winter has bombarded its way into the Northeast with early snow storms and unfortunate inclement weather. However, just as you’ve accepted it – “Ok, the winter season is here dag blammit!” – we are being blessed with 60 degrees temperatures that have sent your body (and hair) into a state of shock.

I liken the hair to an “all-weather coat” for your head. It is durable, dependable, weathered and truly one of your favorite accessories. “Durable” because the hairs elasticity – the ability to stretch and return back to its original or slightly modified state – is one of the primary factors that allows you to do everything you do to your hair: thermal style, chemically-straighten, twists, locs, dye, etc. “Dependable” because no matter what, your hair is always on your head to cover you. That is unless you’ve cut it off, burned it within an inch of its life, or chemically over-processed it to mush. The Bible even refers to a woman’s hair as “her glory.” Its job is to adorn you and always be around to bring you great comfort knowing “she” is there.

But just like that favorite coat or jacket, “she” can become weathered if not properly cared for.

More DO’s/DONT’s: