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Peta has been known for their guerilla tactics, racy ad campaigns, and celebrity photo shoots.  Recently they have mad even more controversial firsts by taking aim at the video game industry. Recently Peta launched at game that attacks Nintendo Game Systems and their most popular hero Mario.  The animal rights company is claiming that Tanooki the raccoon suit mario wears to fly is actually the fur from raccoon dogs. They feel that by wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur. So Peta created the “Mario Kills Tanooki” game in which you play Tanooki a raccoon dog, pissed and on the prowl for Mario who is flying around in your skin. The object of the game is to catch Mario and get your skin back. The imagery in the game is quite disturbing to some and the game play is your typical Mario game format. Is Peta striking a solid blow to the gaming company or are they just trying to find another way to get attention?

Play The Game Here: MyColumbusJack