Last night was the last part of “Basketball Wives LA” reunion special. This episode was a bit more entertaining than last week’s episode, just for the simple fact that the girls really went IN on Jackie, her husband Doug and their crazy relationship.

Speaking of relationships, Laura mentioned that her and her ex-boyfriend/fiancée/baby daddy Gilbert Arenas had an on again and off again relationship and that this time, they were on to stay. She even flashed her $1 Million dollar 23 carat ring toward the audience proving her statement. You go Laura!

But now, back to Jackie. Of course her husband Doug, who is never too far behind and always seems to appear out of nowhere, shows up to defend his wife and her kookiness against the gang of basketball wives. When asked how they managed to make their 16 year relationship work, Doug stated, “communication and respect, that’s the cornerstone of what you need. You gotta be able to talk and communicate.”  Isn’t it ironic how the craziest one out the bunch seemed to have the most stable relationship? Or at least it seems that way on the show.

They girls also touched on how Jackie has issues with Doug and looking at/talking to/breathing the same air as other women. Draya went on to say, “I don’t make eye contact with Doug because of this. My chair is even at an angle. I don’t even look Doug in his eye” Well that sounds about right; I wouldn’t look Doug in the eye either!

After going IN on Jackie and Doug’s relationship, the girls went IN on how they disliked Jackie as a whole. Jackie, being her normal kooky self, kept trying to convince the audience, herself, and the other girls that they would remain friends after the show ended but John Salley brought her back down to reality when he bluntly told her, “Jackie, you’re being delusional, these chicks don’t like you!”

At this point, I think Jackie might really be delusional. After arguing with the girls, she said that she cared about the girls on stage and wanted to be friends with them but that she probably couldn’t trust them for a while. Anyone else confused?

John Salley asked her for the final time, “Are you going to be friends with these broads or not?” and Jackie responded with, “Okay, then f*** no I’m not going to be friends with these b****, these hoes is crazy.”

Aside from all that, the best part of the reunion special was definitely Laura’s facial expressions! They were PRICELESS!

Well there you have it, a dramatic end to a dramatic season!

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