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Oh, the beauty of the text message.  Suddenly those really awkward moments are made much less uncomfortable because not only do you not have to have tense talks in person with people, you now don’t even have to actually “say” what’s on your mind.  The convenience of text messaging has finally given an emoticon to those with poor body language and a dose of confidence to the socially awkward.  Now, instead of looking like an absolute loner in social situations you can look busy texting or surfing the net because you really are too cool to carry on conversations in person.  But seriously, whether you have the fastest moving thumbs you know or not, communicating the following things via text message just won’t do:

1. “I’m pregnant.”

Depending on the circumstances, news of a pregnancy can be welcomed, unwanted or a total surprise that just leaves folks speechless. Saying you’re “late” is probably better expressed through a sit-down with your man so that you can communicate about what your next steps should and shouldn’t be. In fact, anything involving your womb or bringing life

into this world deserves the type of moment that shouldn’t be shared through SMS.

2. “It’s over.”

Regardless of the reasons you’re deciding to call it quits on a romantic affair, you deserve to not look like a spineless jerk.  In some cases you may not even feel like your partner deserves a break-up that’s face to face, but breaking up via text is something that makes it easier for you, which is kind of selfish and totally cowardly. Pick up the phone and call at least, girl.

3. “I’m sorry.”

Apologies can easily come across as half-a**ed when sent via text message. You can’t call someone out their name or embarrass them in public and think sending a quick “sorry” with a sad face will just make everything A-okay. It’s like trying to make something right or trying to work to make something better without actually “working.”  There’s no emoticon for remorse and it’s difficult to convey sincerity simply through a QWERTY keyboard.

4.  “My condolences.”

There’s a reason why Hallmark gets paid the big bucks.  Admittedly, grief makes me extremely uncomfortable, but you have to think about it like this:  if you’re not sure what to say, you definitely won’t know what to text.  There are things that a hug or an available shoulder can do that unlimited texting never will be able to. Pay the grief-stricken friend, family member or boo a visit, or call them if you’re not able to come around, and be there for them in their time of need.