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ROSS, Ohio – Courtneylyn likes taking pictures and shooting videos.

“Everyone thinks I’m a happy person because I’m always helping people and and I’m always making people smile,” she says.

But for this Ross High School senior, that image was a facade.

“People find it so cool to make fun of me and to put me down and make me feel like I’m not worthy of anything,” she said in a video she posted Tuesday. In the video she bares a bullied and tortured existence.

“I tried killing myself, but it didn’t work,” she tells viewers in the video.

Earlier that day, Courtneylyn says she received a text from a classmate, which read, in part,  “Why don’t you do the world a favor and take a 9mm to your head and pull the trigger…you are a worthless ugly whore  and no one wants you.”

“I fell to the floor and started crying,” she says. “I didn’t know why they would tell me that.. but I took it to heart and wanted to kill myself because of it.”

The taunts were nothing new.

“People don’t care about people’s feelings anymore,” she said.

She’s endured the bullying for five years, coping with the pain by cutting and burning herself and trying repeatedly to end her life.

“I tried hanging myself, I tried overdosing, I cut down a vein,” she said.

Each time she was found in time and hospitalized by her parents.

The bullying was invisible, because no one, including Courtneylyn would speak up.

“The name of ‘principal’ is intimidating to people,” she said. “For them to go and spill their guts out on what’s happening because they don’t think anything’s gonna happen.”

That’s an image Principal Brian Martin wants to change.

He feels everyone needs to be more proactive, including the parents.

“The kids aren’t going to like me for saying this, but [parents should] check your kids’ cell phones. What kind of text messages are they sending and receiving?”

“Bullying is not tolerated,” he said.

Martin says until he saw the video he was unaware of any specific acts of bullying.

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