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5 Ways to Get Over Being Cheated On

By Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers | Love + Sex – 7 hours ago


Have you recently broken up with a romantic partner who cheated on you? Do you need help recovering? Are you afraid that it may affect your next relationship? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers and Life Coaches The Amazing Clarks have 5 tips to help you get over being cheated on. You’ll also learn how to not bring these hard feelings into your next relationship!

1. No Contact

The first thing you need to do is to cut off all contact with your ex. Any attempts to communicate will likely backfire and lead to even more pain and conflict. It’s not worth the risk!

2. No More Dating…

Even though you may be tempted, refrain from jumping back into the dating scene or into another romantic relationship at this time. Right now you are emotionally vulnerable.

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3. Give Yourself 2 Weeks to Be Upset

After being cheated on, some friends and family members may try to discourage you from crying and being upset, but not us. When a loved one cheats on you, being angry and crying is a very natural response that can also be extremely therapeutic.

4. Make Peace with Where You’re At…

In order to have a romantic future you need to make peace with your romantic past.

Below are 3 new perspectives you need to tell yourself in order to accomplish this:

• I did nothing wrong — my ex was the one with the dishonesty problem!

• My ex was obviously not the one for me — I’m grateful it was revealed!

• All men/women are not cheaters — there are a lot of trustworthy men/women!

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5. Step Up Your Game…

This is your opportunity to finally attract the amazing romantic partner that you’ve always wanted and deserved. Take advantage of this new beginning by doing exciting things like getting a makeover, hitting the gym, meeting new friends and discovering new passions.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy being single. When you eventually meet your true love, you’ll realize that your cheating ex did you a huge favor.

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